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29 from sethnotshep on Vimeo.

I really like these kind of videos. It makes remembering life very easy and exciting to watch. I might try something like this on my birthday this year.

Watch this video of a group of 30 skiers all doing a backflip at once on a mountain.

WOODS from Nocte on Vimeo. The video description here is flying way over my head (lots of mumbo jumbo), so I just ignored it completely and enjoyed this nice video of 30 light bulbs dancing in this light installation.

Nothing like outfitting a Lincoln Town Car with 30-inch wheels. Also nothing like taking a ride on those 30s. Literally. Thanks Mike!

In a wild extended ad for Rip Curl Mirage Boardshorts, Rip Curl and TimeSlice have rigged up 30 GoPro HD cameras to capture moments of surfers riding waves in Fiji. The cameras fire all at the same time giving the viewer a complete “bullet-time” experience of one single moment. It’s really neat to see the […]