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I wish this video was uploaded in better quality, but here’s a video from National Geographic (uploaded by Steve McCurry) of him shooting the last roll of Kodak Kodachrome film. He literally travels the world to shoot 36 frames. Not a bad job.

THE FIRST 36 HOURS: An inside look at Hurricane Sandy from Jeff Pinilla on Vimeo. Jeff Pinilla hung out with the PIX11 crew during the early hours of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall and filmed this video of how the conditions were hours before the storm even officially hit and hours after it left. This is one […]


Joey Ruiter is the man behind Inner City Bikes, a company that takes a new approach to the classic bicycle design. So far, there have been at least 2 prototypes of the Inner City Bike, one with 29″ diamater tires and another with 36″ diamater tires (above). The bike aims to make the bicycle even […]


The once-mighty titan of the cellphone industry has fallen far from the top, reporting today a $3.6 billion net loss for the 4th quarter of 2008. Damn. Here’s what about $2 billion worth of pennies looks like (approximately 200 billion pennies).

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. Apparently, a lot of songs use the same 4 chord progressions, making for a pretty dull video explaining how a lot of your favorite hits are actually composed of the same notes. Thanks Denise!