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Guggenheimer / I need a fighter! (2012) from Peter Moosgaard on Vimeo. Peter Moosgaard made this 3D printed shell for this hermit crab so that it could live inside a miniature Guggenheim forever!

This is pretty fantastic. The technology and output isn’t 100% perfect, but that’s ok. The concept and execution are nearly there and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years people start making their own bikes in this way, layer by layer, and fully functional.

A little girl named Emma was born with a condition that made it hard for her to use her own strength to lift her arms. Normally for an adult, this disability could be remedied with the aid of a WREX exoskeleton but due to Emma’s small size there was no WREX available to fit her. […]


Can you believe it? This Rocket Espresso Cup is made by a 3D printer!