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When I was in photo school my favorite camera was the 4×5. It’s not often people’s favorite shooting camera because of its size, weight, and relative slow picture-making speed. But for me, it was amazing. To be able to shoot on film that was the size of my palm and see the rich colors come […]

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This has always been one of my favorite photos. There’s something about looking through a 4×5 camera that makes everything look so much more interesting. When I get some money saved, I’ll buy one and hopefully shoot with it some more. UPDATE: Oh, it looks like I’ve already posted this photo before. This is what […]


Another 4×5 scan. Can you tell that I was often very disinterested in my Parsons assignments? Although I loved shooting 4×5, the task of having a teacher breathe down your neck to produce compelling work was enough for me not to bother. I wanted to create on my own time and while I can appreciate […]


I love the colors here. This is taken in the park at 29th Street and 2nd Avenue. This is another scan of a 4×5 from my wayback collection.


Me and my friend Ethan drove straight into this place. No security, no fence. Nothing but shipping containers for a while. If we were vandals or criminals (or terrorists!!), we would have done a lot of damage.