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Surprisingly well done. If that were me, I’d be laughing after the first few lines.

Madeon and Annie Mac put together this impressive minimix of 93 different tracks all smashed together in 5 minutes. Here’s the full list of track samples from The Line of Best Fit. I love everything Madeon puts his hand on. This one is good! Madeon – Shuriken The Beatles – A Day In The Life […]

To celebrate the US launch of StarCraft II, IGN decided to make this 5-minute video that breaks down the whole StarCraft story in easily digestible bits. I’m not gonna lie, I had no idea the story got this complicated. I’m obviously not a hard-core fan. [via]

I always get the impression that Japanese people are ultra-efficient and this video proves my point. You don’t have to understand the words being spoken to see just how amazing these morning tips and tricks are in helping you get out of the door as quickly as possible. Keep watching until the end to see […]