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The Fiat 500 rated as “POOR” on a small overlap crash test. You die.


Word is that this Hasselblad 500 camera was one of the only Hasselblad cameras to make it back from the moon. Other cameras used on past missions were left on the lunar surface due to weight savings on the return trip back to the US. This one however made its way back from the Apollo 15 […]


A wonderful investigative piece from The Atlantic about how The New York Times printed its newspaper for many years without realizing that they had a 500-issue mistake in their issue numbers right on their front page. What happened essentially is that in 1898, somebody at The New York Times went from 14,499 to 15,000 in […]


Sean Doerr of River Rouge in Detroit, Michigan bought a foreclosed home for $500. He’s since been documenting the process of gutting it, renovating it, and turning it into a livable space. An interesting and very personal view into how some people are making their lives in Detroit.

Aaron Collins died at the age of 30 and in his will he left an unusual request: “Third, leave an awesome tip (and I don’t mean 25%. I mean $500 on a f***ing pizza) for a waiter or waitress.” So that’s what his family did. With the help of donations worldwide, his brother filmed the […]