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I just went to Staples today and picked myself up a huge 20-pound, 5000-sheet box of paper. It’s normally about $50+ for the entire thing, but with the coupon linked below, you can get the entire box with INSTANT DISCOUNT for just a little over $25. Seriously, buy this box now and stop worrying about […]


Ever wonder what 5000 pages of Wikipedia might look like in physical printed form? Well, Rob Matthews has the answer. He took all of the articles from Wikipedia’s featured articles list and printed them and then bound them together in a book that’s thicker than any book I’ve ever seen. The resulting book speaks volumes […]


This post marks the 5000th post on Doobybrain.com since moving onto WordPress about 3 years ago. Moving to WordPress has literally changed the way I blog and I’m grateful that this format allows me to pick out any date in the past 3 years and pinpoint exactly what I was into, what I was thinking, […]


I just received my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 in the mail today and I’m already very satisfied with it in every respect. It is compact, tiny, and comfortable — a combination of descriptions that I’m sure very few mice can lay claim to. This being a portable laptop mouse, it comes with a handy […]


I’ve tried lots of computer mice in my days in front of the computer and I can say without a doubt that some of the best computer peripherals come from Microsoft. They’re keyboards and mice are the cream of the crop in my opinion but their selection of mice is where they shine. I’ve been […]