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The new¬†UP2715K monitor from Dell is the first commercially available 5K monitor, outputting a crazy 5120×2880 resolution on a 27″ display. This monitor will cost $2499 and will be available later this year.

An interesting take on 5K video using Canon’s flagship DSLR the 1D X. Basically, if you shoot in the camera’s burst mode (which is 14fps) in full resolution, you can get pretty close to what is called the flicker fusion threshold which is the lowest possible framerate a human can see before things begin to […]

Digital FX in Louisiana got their hands on a RED EPIC-M and they give us a video tour of the camera body which shoots 5K video. They compare the camera to the original RED ONE camera which looks like a HUGE BEAST when they’re sitting next to each other. So awesome.