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If you thought VICE’s profile on Kim Dotcom was a little too kind, check out this somewhat more balanced view of the man from CBS’ 60 Minutes.

I look up to this man so much. The title of this 60 Minutes is appropriate given the tumultuous past of Bill Gates as a person in the history of tech. He was once hated by many for his business practices and in-your-face management technique, but today, he is a different man. Older, wiser, and more driven […]

I saw this a couple weeks back on TV and just remembered it now. A fascinating interview with the man behind IDEO, creators of some of the most radically smart designs in the entire world, and a good friend of Steve Jobs.

I really enjoyed watching this bit from 60 Minutes about big cats in the wild photographed by Dereck and Beverly Joubert. The couple has spent at least 30 years living in the wild in close proximity to lions and have filmed and photographed them to such an extent that they’ve literally changed the perception and […]


CBS’ 60 Minutes dedicated an entire episode to the new biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. In the segments below, 60 Minutes reveals some of the audio recordings Walter made with Steve in their numerous meetings and touches upon some of the history of Steve Jobs and how he coped with cancer, Apple, and […]