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It’s officially been out for only a day, but some of my friends have been gushing over and using the new BlackBerry Curve 8900 for over a week now (T-Mobile loophole) and I now fully understand their excitement. In some ways this is the better, cheaper option to the Bold–so long as you can forgo […]


I know a lot of you who have been waiting for this phone to come out, so you’ll be glad to know (if you haven’t already found out some other way) that the pricing of the BlackBerry 8900 (previously codenamed “Javelin”) will be quite cheap! Here’s what it comes down to: Corporate customers (device only): […]


Photo from Gizmodo It’s here! It’s here! The update to the BlackBerry Curve, previously codenamed “Javelin” and now officially named the Curve 8900, will be on sale starting early February (some say as early as February 11th or 18th). For those who don’t know, the quickest description of this smartphone is that it is basically […]