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From 2004 to 2014. If you haven’t heard already, last week, the 9/11 Museum was officially dedicated and this week they are letting the public in to see the exhibits. You can purchase tickets here.

An interesting video about the emotional decisions that were made in designing the 9/11 Museum.

This is a video piece from The New York Times on how the artifacts of 9/11 were compiled and saved for the 9/11 Museum.


For the grand opening dedication of the 9/11 Museum today, The New York Times has published a fantastic interactive tour of the space which took approximately 8 years from start to finish. This might actually be the only time you get to experience the museum through images with no people standing in the way.


WIRED has published a lengthy article on the 8-year-journey of designing and constructing the 9/11 Museum in Lower Manhattan. The article includes some choice images by Vincent Fournier of the restricted and unfinished areas that the general public will not see when it comes time for the museum’s grand opening dedication (today) and its official opening to the […]