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I love Aaron Draplin’s work so much. He’s a collector, hoarder, and excellent designer and you can see here that all those parts of him come together to make good work. Additional parts inside.


If you’ve ever watched Aaron Draplin’s CreativeMornings talk, you’ll know that he once mentioned the color purple being the worst color any designer could ever use. I can’t remember exactly but it’s something along the lines of the color purple showing outright that a designer has no idea what he/she is doing. Here’s Aaron reacting […]

Aaron Draplin’s pitch for Field Notes from Paul Searle on Vimeo. LISTEN TO AARON. GO BUY FIELD NOTES!

Field Notes cofounder Aaron Draplin recounts the story of how Field Notes notebooks got started and the many, many notebooks before it that inspired its idea and design. Beautiful video to watch this Memorial Day.