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Wow, this is neat! If you missed it, I just posted a really awesome aerial drone video of the current state of the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike.

This is the clearest video I’ve ever seen of this abandoned turnpike in Pennsylvania. And best of all, the aerial views from this drone do a much better job of showing me just how close this abandoned tunnel is to the currently used highway bypass. Everything about this video is just great. Love the fall […]

From Grand Central to Southeast. That tunnel shot near the beginning is nice. You can see the abandoned 59th street station in it for a brief moment.


Was doing some research today about the Harlem River line on the Metro-North railroad today and came across this photo of the abandoned 59th Street station. There aren’t a whole lot of images of this station since trains tend to pass by it so quickly on their way into Grand Central Terminal. But I guess […]


The Packard Plant Project just posted some images of the abandoned Packard Auto Plant after a quick cleanup on the ground floor. Debris has been removed and you can see the concrete floor again.

WOW. This is amazing. Would not come here without a light though. Check out Jenkem Mag for more photos.