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I hardly ever hear any news about George W. Bush now that he’s out of the President’s seat. That’s not unusual though as most former Presidents seem to duck out of the spotlight as much as they can after their respective terms because in reality, it’s a tough job that puts you under constant scrutiny […]

This is a touching ABC News report about what people would do if confronted by an ignorant “American” being rude and belligerent to a daughter and her mother who do not speak perfect English.


I love that Hooked On Houses gives the Benjamin Moore paint colors for different house sections in this brilliant article that breaks down the designs of each house in the ABC show Modern Family. This is an interesting little tidbit of information on Modern Family: The original title of the show was “My American Family,” […]

Jennifer Lawrence: Oscar-Frontrunner

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was interviewed a few days before the Oscars in this ABC segment about her quick rise to fame and her amazing talent on the big screen.