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I’m not exactly sure how to categorize these. Maybe they don’t really need a category. They’re great as they are — mysterious, haunting, and fractal paintings of alien landscapes. Check out Adam Friedman’s work at his website.


According to this collection of album cover designs from Josh Smith, a lot of album covers these daysa incorporate abstract designs within circles. He’s charted them out here. Maybe this is why I’m so oddly drawn to the circle on my Instagram. [via]


Christoph Niemann illustrates the various stereotypes the world uses to describe each other for this Abstract Sunday portion of The New York Times Magazine. Look at Europe.


Using a bit of creative Photoshop trickery, Josef Schulz (the mastermind behind the blank roadside signs) has created several environments that I only wish were real after looking at his images. He strips the environments of any words and leaves only distinct shapes and colors often photographed at an odd angle. Visually stimulating work and […]


Pierre pointed me to this wonderful photo of a parking garage by Brad Gillette. That’s definitely one way to look at a parking garage, no?