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I used to drive this car all the time in Need For Speed 2. Yep, that was ages ago and this car is still kickin it at the top! [via]

Beautiful cars, awesome sport. Love those orange rims on that BMW.


Does this count as the world’s largest tag? If so, then MTA looks like they’ve been one-up’d! A billionaire heir in Abu Dhabi named Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan has ordered his servants/workers to scrawl his name across the desert and ocean to read “HAMAD” large enough to be visible from space! The name […]

The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi has a rollercoaster called Formula Rossa that can propel its occupants to about 150mph. With 4.8 Gs in your face, your skin must feel like it’s about to fall off. Oh, and yes, you have to wear the goggles. Imagine striking a bird at that speed… [via]