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I don’t recall this story at all, but it’s interesting nonetheless mainly because of how the trial turned out in the end after it was revealed that questions directed towards the kids in the case were leading them to say things that actually didn’t happen.

Remember the dad that threw plastic balls at his son’s head for a tiny bit of self amusement? Well, watch this: Here he confronts a man he witnessed abusing a dog on the side of the road and basically shames the guy for his actions. I already thought he was a pretty cool dad for […]

The culture of winning above all else must be changed. This is a good start.

If you heard your neighbor screaming for help, would you intervene? That’s the social experiment that People Opposing Women Abuse set up to find out and the results are rather shocking. Many people would rather tell a loud drummer to shut up than at least call for help when they heard a woman’s cries next […]

PETA released today some of the most damning evidence against the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus abusing its circus animals that I have ever seen. Maybe PETA isn’t so crazy after all… (????)