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If a hacker had obtained access to your webcam without you knowing, this is sort of what they would see. How do you act in front of your computer?

Uh, call me stupid, fine, but I had no idea you could access 1Password via a browser. Yay for me.

Maybe it’s because I live in NYC but I actually have very little problems making a call on AT&T. All the commotion about dropped calls and spotty service are pretty non-existent where I live. But obviously, I know this isn’t the case with everybody. But still, to hear that people are moving over to Verizon […]


I’m writing this post because there doesn’t seem to be any sort of authority on how to get into the Freedom Tunnel. All of the forum posts that I read prior to making my own trek down there essentially told me nothing other than go to 125th Street. And I know this takes the fun […]