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This is insane. Just Mobile is selling an item called the Highway Pro that basically turns an otherwise $2 car accessory into a $40 one. Clever marketing is at play here…


This is crazy. Photojojo is selling an SLR lens mount for the iPhone 4 for $190. The lens mounts via a whole separate case that you have to put around the iPhone 4 and renders the phone un-pocketable. Little details are out about the SLR lens mount for now, but it doesn’t look like the […]


James Gulliver, who you may know as the guy who is trying to draw NYC, is also selling these “keys to the city” which are custom made with little cityscapes on top of them. Price: $150 each.


Are you following recipes from a book in the kitchen only to find that cooking with one hand free is a hard thing to do? Well, Sagaform is out to remedy the situation with this simple kitchen accessory called Hold that holds cookbooks open so you can freely cook with both your arms and hands. […]

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A couple of weeks ago, I showed a quick preview of what the Lightscoop could do to photos requiring a flash. At the time, I said it was a pretty amazing tool for photographers looking for a cheap and effective way to soften the harsh flash exposures that often come off of on-camera flashes. After […]