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Somebody emailed this to me the other day and just said “watch this”. So I did. And I have no regrets. It’s probably the best work-safety video I’ve ever seen.

So close to home. Some idiot stole a truck and caused this accident which took the life of the bus driver.

Can somebody explain to me why these people are OUTSIDE of their cars after this multi-car pile-up? Seems like the worst place to be, even if you can’t get off the road in your vehicle.

The accident occurs very quickly at the end of the video. And to spoil the surprise, it happens with a horse.

Take 3 minutes out of your day to watch this incredible commercial for TrueMove H about giving to those who need it the most. Do good and one day it might just come back full circle.

One of the weird things I remember about living in LA is that I always heard about cars hitting fire hydrants. It seems to happen there pretty often.