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Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images This graphic image of a severe acid attack victim from Cambodia comes as part of The Big Picture’s year-in-pictures and shows the face of Sokreun Mean, 36, who was blinded and disfigured when her former husband’s new wife got jealous and decided to throw acid into her face. So sad

Since December 2008, incidents of random acid attacks on busy Hong Kong streets have left about 100 people injured. But police now believe they may have captured the man responsible for the attacks after his latest incident of throwing a bottle off of a rooftop and onto a street in Kowloon. The man is said […]

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The St. Petersburg Times photoblog posted this graphic and powerful look at women in the Middle East attacked with acid. The photos are horrifying and it’s hard to imagine myself living in a world where this act exists as a very normal thing. It’s photos like this that make me realize that the world needs […]

Here’s the video that goes along with the article from the New York Times about acid attacks against women in some Asian countries. I said originally that the photo does a lot to further the cause of the organization trying to help these women, but if you weren’t convinced, then this video should do the […]