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Wow, check out this portrait of the late Steve Jobs made by Bradley Hart. He injected bubble wrap with acrylic paints to complete this full image.

This is cool! This guy here explains how he built a mini hybrid rocket engine using acrylic and experimented with different thrust forces. The best part? The acrylic is clear and you can see the rocket in action from the inside! [via]


Steph Mantis made this pizza pie with slices housed in acrylic cases. If you always want pizza lying around the house, here’s a good option.

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Look at this acrylic on wood canvas painting that a British artist named Jim created! It measures 24″x20″ and is for sale as 18″x14″ poster prints for $30! Just get in touch with Jim and inquire about it! Lovely, lovely, lovely! [via]

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Photo: PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images I thought World Expos were a thing of the past but apparently Shanghai is about to host one starting May 1, 2010 and many countries are being represented with some incredible pavilions to show off. See that huge blurry blob in the image above? Yeah, that’s a BUILDING built to house […]