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What’s the #1 thing I want right now? This brand-new Iron Giant Deluxe figure from Mondo. WIth over 30 points of articulation and accessories like Hogarth, the laser gun, the “S” shield, and even power line towers, this action figure is the most detailed Iron Giant to date. But it isn’t cheap. The pre-sale for […]

What in the world is up with that larger¬†2014 Godzilla action figure?! Looks stupid.¬†And also…umm, did nobody think of the way the blue flames are coming out of its mouth??????


Do you like photography so much that you feel yourself needing an action figure to physically show your dedication to the art? Well, you can now grab these Leonardo Dicaprio look-alike war photographer action figures on eBay complete with an amazing array of camera gear. Super detailed (except for the GIANT zipper pull, haha) and […]


Well this is weird. An artist has taken the 80s G.I. Joe character Storm Shadow and made a Jeremy Lin action figure out of him. It’s weird mostly because basketball players never dress like ninjas on the court. And also, Jeremy Lin looks extra Asian here. Price: $2500 and it’s sold already!


Photo via ToyArk I just bought one of these highly detailed T-800 robots from action figure kings NECA! You can get one on Amazon here. This video review below really gets me excited to see mine in person!