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Low fitness is the strongest predictor of mortality. Yes, obesity is still a looming problem for many people, but an even bigger problem is being active.

Coca-Cola continues their campaign to encourage an active lifestyle so we all don’t grow up obese. Here’s their ad previously on obesity.

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Look at the way this backpack opens up! A 3-way zipper design that lets you really dig into your pouch. It was recently named the best active backpack from Carryology. 3Zip Design Demo from Mystery Ranch on Vimeo.

Palladium Boots ventures to the West Coast to check out some of LA’s hidden and active oil rigs in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Very interesting! I wonder if many people living in LA even know about this.


Just FYI: The Madballs website is still up and if you want to purchase Madballs to rekindle your love for gross-out 80′s memorabilia, you can because there are plenty of stores that still sell these things. Amazing.