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This video is going to make you feel like a fat slob. It turns out, NOBODY ever eats just the serving size amount written on the Nutrition Facts labels on foods. No wonder it’s so hard to stay under 2000 calories per day.


Whoa, some really surprising statistics about wealth distribution in the US based on what people think the wealth distribution is, what they think the ideal distribution would be, and what the actual wealth distribution is. Scary and really puts things into perspective.

Engadget posted this video of an amazing visual project that turns the 90s-era mega-homepage site, GeoCities, into an actual city that you can zoom into and browse around in. The 650GB GeoCities archive which was saved before the site went offline is used as the backbone of this Deleted City.


Pixar Planet says that Mattel is producing a line of Buzz Lightyear toys that come with real movie packaging, which means that Buzz comes in his own cardboard spaceship! Buzz Lightyear is one of my favorite movie characters and I’d love to get my hands on one of these. Unfortunately, the toy which is a […]