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It’s finally happened! Kanex now makes a Thunderbolt to USB 3.0 (with eSATA support) converter for $79.95. For a computer like mine that doesn’t already have a USB 3.0 port (older generation), this is a must-have!

Cult of Mac has video proof that the 4th generation iPad’s 12W charger does indeed charge an iPad about 30-45 minutes faster than the previous 10W model.


There have been plenty of unofficial 30-pin to micro-USB adapters floating around, but now Apple has unveiled an official micro-USB adapter for a bit more than $15 USD. If you need one, I suggest spending a lot less on this black version which does the job just as well.

Not even going to try and understand the specifics behind this video. Just going to enjoy it for its visuals.

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PetaPixel posted this nice tip today for those of us that have camera chargers (like some Canon compact digital cameras). Instead of carrying the long charging cord around, just get an Apple duck head wall adapter and get rid of the cable clutter. The duck head adapter fits nicely alongside (or inside) the battery slot […]