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Man…honestly, I don’t know if I could sit down and do most of these. :/


This is the best thing I’ve read today: Legends Never Die by Caroline Rothstein is a deep look into the lives of the kids who starred in Larry Clark’s Kids. It’s been two decades since the release of the film and the kids are no longer kids — they’re adults, some of whom have moved […]

BoredShortsTV’s Kid Snippets series is pretty hilarious. There’s plenty more, watch here!

ThaiHealth, along with Ogilvy Thailand, created this highly provocative ad that featured kids asking adults for a light, only to have them told by smoking adults that it was bad for them. What a great idea with remarkable results as you’ll see in the end.

Greg Ward’s year 1 group project at the London College Of communication asking adults to recall the circumstances surrounding an old school portrait of them at a younger age. Lovely little project. I wish there was more.