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Not liking that new TOS from Google that says they can use your face and name next to any advertisement? Well, no worries, you can turn that option off on this page. Done!

Engadget has a fabulous video interview with Meric Adriansen, one of the designers for some of Times Square’s most engaging and in-your-face advertisements. Meric’s designs end up using some of today’s most hi-tech computer setups just to display several seconds of advertising in a loop. Pretty fascinating info overall.


This is Michael Albert’s map of Manhattan made entirely out of letters taken from advertisements and commercial products. The whole collage was completed in Fall 2008 and it measures a whopping 32″x40″. By using these letters, Michael Albert spells out the locations of places and districts in Manhattan. The artist says that there is a […]


I simply love the photographs in this Flickr Commons set from the George Eastman House of pictures taken by Nickolas Muray. Nickolas Muray was a Hungary-born photographer who had a very successful career as a photographer. He was known for his celebrity portraits in magazines during the 1920′s and 1930′s before moving on to work […]


This New York Times article starts out with a neat draggable image that overlays two images of Grand Central Terminal over each other — one from 2008 and the other from 1978. The article goes into how Grand Central has more or less remained ad-free in the past 30 years while other public spaces in […]