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Wow. The Hundreds drops a huge bomb on the internet with this fantastic video of a tour of creative advertising agency 72andSunny, the firm behind some of the best ads from Samsung, YouTube, Sonos, Carls Jr., Starbucks, and many more. They are a powerhouse of sorts in the industry and some have even called them the West […]

This doesn’t go very deep into the idea, but I already agree with what Jason Silva is saying here about why targeted marketing might be a good thing. It gets rid of the crap and only shows us what we might be truly interested in or persuaded by. Sure it’s not perfect, but it can […]


I really like this set of photos posted at PDN of Israeli photographer Natan Dvir’s response to being bombarded by massive billboards and advertising upon a visit to NYC. He waits for the perfect moment to catch seemingly small NYC citizens against these massive “Coming Soon” backdrops. The result is a bit unnerving yet amusing. […]

I watched Morgan Spurlock’s film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold a few days ago and it was both insightful and very odd to see the movie I was watching being made before my eyes. It was like, as one of the people in the film says, an Inception-like experience.