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Framestore’s Bafta-winning visual effects behind Alfonso CuarĂ³n’s Gravity. I had no idea the space suits themselves were CGI.

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A very sad photo from Detroiturbex on the southwest neighborhood of Detroit known as Oakwood Heights which in a matter of months has seen a number of homes bulldozed and cleared by the Marathon Oil company. The company has apparently bought up lots of land in Detroit for further development.

By playing with the look of sticky-note coupons, Burt’s Bees was able to simulate a before and after effect on a billboard while also providing the public with an incentive to try their product. Nice!

You can treat this like a big mini mix if you want (it is 20 minutes long after all). Festival season in full effect!


Not sure who put this blurry mess of an image together, but it does a good job illustrating how the iPhone changed the cellphone landscape after it was introduced in 2007.

Bane After Batman with Chris Kattan from Chris Kattan Bane playing the flute. Bane having a hat collection. Bane doing laundry. Bane losing his keys. This is the best.