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Photo: NICOLAS ASFOURI/TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images (March 22, 2011 above; January 15, 2012 below) Obviously still not a pretty sight, but it’s quite amazing what Japan has done in its clean-up and rebuilding efforts in the last 11 months since the devastating earthquake/tsunami last year.


Photo: AP Photo/NEXCO East Wow, take a look at these two photos above (a bigger version in this post here) that shows a main road in Japan being completely repaired in just 6 days following the earthquake there earlier this month. Amazing and quick too!


The New York Times has posted an interactive before and after photo gallery of several places in Japan that have been struck hard by the recent tsunami. The slider can be moved to either side of the photo to reveal the before and after photos of the region. Place the slider in the middle if […]


Australia’s ABC News has a heartbreaking page of images showing before and after photos of Brisbane in the wake of recent floods. Hover your mouse across the image to see the after photo brought into view. So sad