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You saw the video of the night of the fire, now here’s a video of the morning after. A picture of a war zone, basically.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Neighbors 4 Neighbors, the program intended to bring together those who need help with those who can help, was birthed out of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew (which struck South Florida 20 years ago tomorrow). I remember hearing this program on the news constantly when I was […]


I really like these photos by Jörn Vanhöfen who photographs the odd juxtaposition of man-made objects with each other and also alongside nature. PDN’s got some more images of his spectacular large-format photography which is on show right now at the Robert Mann Gallery until May 5th!

This video from the Civil Defense New Zealand shows how much damage was done by the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in February of this year. So crazy to see it all so quiet!