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Steve Chao, a correspondent for Al Jazeera English, reports from the town of Natori, Japan which was one of the hardest hit places following the 9.0 earthquake and the tsunami that followed over a week ago. The scenes of destruction and chaos are like those from a movie — but this is obviously real life […]

Watch this video from The Guardian which captures images of the town of Shintona in Miyagi prefecture after the Japanese tsunami. Amazing what a bit of simple glidecam work can do even to a place that has been totally destroyed.

Life in Haiti-Canon 5D MKII & Glidetrack from Leclerc Brothers Motion Pictures on Vimeo. Leclerc Bros. Motion Pictures presents this video of life in Haiti shot on a Canon 5D Mark II using a Glidetrack. In some ways, it’s similar to the Haiti earthquake montage video I posted back in February and shot very much […]

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Photo: DANIEL MOREL/AFP/Getty Images As expected, The Big Picture is one of the first websites to post a collection of photos from the disaster area in Haiti after yesterday’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The image above is particularly haunting because of what I imagine must be going through this woman’s mind at the moment. This link […]

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I linked to Tom Coates’ gallery of photos from Sydney’s recent dust storm earlier this week and totally missed the unsettling image of his Canon 5D covered in dust after he had shot with it all morning. That certainly can’t be fun to clean.


Photo by Will Steacy This photo is so awesome even if the circumstances behind it are not. Photographer Will Steacy captured this odd juxtaposition of land and ocean vehicles after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.