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An awesome plane, but I’ve always wondered why the blue on the plane didn’t match the darker blue on the American flag. Or why the plane isn’t actually red white and blue or covered in some sort of American flag and eagle decal/design. Am I going overboard with the patriotic symbolism here?


Benny Gold’s been doing well for himself out in San Francisco. He recently opened his first retail store out there while churning out consistently solid looks for the season, and now he’s adding a SAG bag collaboration to his list of creations. The new Benny Gold x SAG backpack is a slightly smaller version of […]

Devour posted this teaser for a documentary from Nike called Air Force 1: The Anatomy of an Urban Legend about the history of the Air Force 1 sneaker. The shoe is one of Nike’s best selling styles and has become a cultural icon in the hip-hop, basketball, and pop culture arena. I’d like to watch […]


Photo: SAG LIFE AIR FORCE 1 by hardcore100 on Flickr I’ve been eyeing these SAG LIFE Air Force 1 rollpacks for a while now. They aren’t cheap and that’s mainly due to the fact that they’re Japanese exports and high-quality bags. I see some every once in a while on Craigslist and eBay, but they’re […]