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The video above isn’t related to this Reddit thread, but the two talk about the same subject of rape — one from the POV of soldiers in the military and the other from the perspective of a sexual assault therapist. The resulting discussion in this Reddit thread is incredible eye-opening and personally blew some misconceptions […]

The Utah State University “Ascending Aggies” just won $100,000 from the Air Force to further develop this early prototype of a wall-climbing device that uses gigantic suction pads attached to a vacuum-like device on the climber’s back. It’s noisy, but it works well, so hopefully they can do something about the noise to make this […]


This T-shirt is THE BOMB. It features the U.S. Air Force logo in highly reflective silver. To the naked eye, the silver is barely visible, but under the right lighting conditions, the whole thing just glows! Thanks Trevor!