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This report reminds me of what Foster Huntington is doing with his treehouse project. I would so live in a treehouse if I was given the opportunity.

This is such an awesome project. I wish I could have been in New Orleans to see this in person. Airbnb asked several artists to recreate some unique real-life house listings as bird houses, and when it was all done, they hung all these tiny and highly detailed bird houses in a giant tree for […]

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Priceonomics¬†works out how much you’re saving on average in certain cities by staying at an Airbnb compared to a hotel. US-only for now. On average, you save about half the normal price of a hotel room by renting a room on Airbnb. For those that travel on a budget, this is a significant amount of […]

I remember hearing stories of people on Airbnb opening up their homes for free to those needing shelter after Hurricane Sandy. Airbnb recognizes some of those kind individuals in this video here.