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Overall, I like what Peter Smart did here. Putting all of the most important information at a glance is crucial and making the boarding pass easier to carry and handle is a nice touch as well. I recently flew American Airlines and their new boarding pass is already similar to Peter’s interpretation here which I […]

British design firm Seymourpowell has come up with a rather clever way to offer airlines and passengers flexibility in airplane seating while still providing comfort. The idea is brought to us by Morph, a new seat that incorporates a stretched fabric over all 3 seats that can be adjusted using the armrests.

A video about how Virgin Atlantic partners with top-level designers and consultants to turn their planes into flying architectural fortresses.


It’s taken me a long time (and lots of testing and trial and error) but I think I’ve finally narrowed down what I believe to be the best looking and most concise airline arrival travel app out there. Just Landed is a $.99 app that looks gorgeous to the eye and displays only the essential […]

The one thing I learned watching this video is that pilots and co-pilots on many airlines are required to eat different meals to minimize the effects of food poisoning if it should occur. INTERESTING!!!!