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AP Photo

It really makes me so sad that our nation was once like this. This photo was taken on June 10, 1963, which probably means that some of the white folks standing in this photo are still alive. I wonder what they would think looking back at this photo now.

Heisman Trophy Winner Bo Jackson biked 300 miles through Alabama earlier this year (in April) to raise support for areas in Alabama hit by deadly tornadoes back in April 2011. He completed his journey successfully!

For the Love of BBQ from Pudding Pop & Minimize on Vimeo. OMG, this looks so good right now.

I have never seen such an up-close video of a tornado ripping through a small community. This one shot on April 27, 2011 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama bears witness to a small family experiencing the tornado first-hand as it literally travels over their home.


Photo: AP Photo/The TimesDaily, Daniel Giles Of all of the photos I’ve seen so far from the devastating tornadoes that have ripped through the South, none has been as emotional as this one showing a first-responder clutching a child who was dug out from a destroyed home in Alabama on April 27, 2011. Man, so […]