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It’s hard to see in these small screengrabs, but I’m leaning more towards Luis Vaz’s redesign here of the Google homepage as an extremely detailed and information-filled landing page instead of the usual simple Google interface the company is known for. With a big enough monitor, I can imagine having all of your Google account […]


I’m really interested in trying this service out. Wallaby Financial is hoping that for a fee of $50 per year ($.14 a day), people will want all of their credit cards combined onto one card. In addition to carry less plastic, the Wallaby card and system automatically chooses the best credit card in your arsenal […]


PocketToolX is taking pre-orders of this new bike tool called MAKO bike tool that holds 4 1/4″ bits with the option to expand it to hold 8 with a separate upgrade kit. It’s got a bottle opener, spoke wrenches, Allen keys, and a nice high-visibility lanyard. They should be available soon for $69.

There are a bunch of all-in-one torrent search websites out there (one of the ones I use most often is ScrapeTorrent), but none are as pretty as Torrent’EM. Go give it a try and see for yourself. On the surface, Torrent’EM is pretty straight-forward with just a simple search field and a logo. But once […]