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In the top 10 list of my all-time favorite things in the world, wind turbines are in there. I love these things. Not because they provide great alternative energy, but mostly because they just look great from far away and up close. And when placed in the natural landscape, they evoke a sense of man-made […]

Alternative transportation suggestions at the peak of the gas and rubber shortage during WWII? Why yes, we have a pogo. What a crazy world we live in.

The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing

I’m totally into this website called The Secret Guide To Alternative Beijing. It’s a collaborative effort by a group of people — photographers, artists, filmmakers, shoppers, and all-around adventure-seekers that aims to bring to light some of the best of Beijing that isn’t necessarily published on newspaper front pages (or even on most blog front […]

VEVO/YouTube has uploaded an entire 45-minute concert featuring Nirvana circa 1991 playing at The Paramount theater. This performance has never before been released and if you’re in the mood to experience 90′s alternative-grunge-rock once again, here’s a nice, free treat for ya.

Zack McTee shows us here how to substitute an expensive camera rig setup with the not-too-expensive Manfrotto 701HDV tripod head. The head comes together with a Manfrotto 547BK Tripod Kit and is only $280.