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CNN has obtained exclusive video of what is so far the only video of the actual crash landing of Asiana Airlines flight 214 which happened yesterday at SFO. Two Chinese nationals have died and numerous injuries have been reported (some paralysis).

TOUR DE FRANCIS DOCUMENTARY from Nick Mason on Vimeo. An incredible feat by Dan Francis.


A website you don’t want to visit before sitting down for a meal. This website is the complete opposite of how to take good food photos with your iPhone.

Tim and Eric – Roger of the Month Mar 2010 – Outro Video from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo. Some of these are very funny.

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The New York Times today published an article about the rise of the amateur photographer over the professionally trained photographer. In short, the NYT reports that the phenomenon is due to a number of reasons including the decreasing price of digital photography, the downward spiral of the magazine/print industry, and the rise in stock agencies […]