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Cool. But I couldn’t help but keep thinking how much of a logistical nightmare this must’ve been to set up in its infant stage. Glad it all worked out though, obviously.

One Minute Wonder 12 from Present Plus on Vimeo. Why is Amazon so good at knowing what you want to buy even before you know it yourself? The answer, in part, is due to this man, Werner Vogels, who is the Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com.


Photo: Getty Images/Matt Cardy Two years ago I posted a photo of an Amazon.com fulfillment center (or warehouse) and it got me thinking about how massive the Amazon.com stockroom must be. Buzzfeed just posted some more photos of an Amazon warehouse to get my mind going again.

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Attention! Attention! The Jersey Shore season 1 DVD is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com! The DVD comes out on February 23, 2010, but don’t wait until then to buy it or else you might miss out on the fabulous price that Amazon.com is selling it for (only $16). The season 1 DVD comes with […]

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The Logitech Alto Express Notebook Stand is only $5 today on Amazon.com! A great deal for a great looking simple laptop stand.