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Real and very big problems on the set of American Idol (a joke of a show nowadays) as Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey go at it in this clip leaked to the masses. Maybe a good revitalization for the show itself? Who knows.

Simon just showed me this video of Lamar Royal, an American Idol contestant that became pretty irritated after being told that he simply wasn’t good enough to make the cut. So what does Lamar do? He keeps singing — angrily. And it’s funny. Trust me. Watch the video.

General Larry Platt sang quite a special song on season 9 of American Idol. It’s been a huge hit and I’ve already heard it played on the radio here in NYC. The song is called “Pants On The Ground” and if you haven’t heard it for yourself, then you’ll want to play the video above […]


On a recent episode of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest accidentally attempted to give a blind contestant a high-five, forgetting the all-important fact that when you raise your hand in front of a blind person, they cannot see you. So what did Ryan Seacrest do? He took it in stride and verbally told Scott Macintrye that […]

In the season finale of American Idol (season 7), there was apparently a big upset when David Cook won the most votes over David Archuleta. The sentiment of some upset viewers is probably best expressed in this hilarious video of a group of girls gathered in their basement awaiting the news of the new American […]