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Sad news for the urban explorers waiting for a chance to check out China’s Disneyland clone known as Wonderland. According to this Chinese website, the entire park has now been demolished after razing began on April 20th. What’s going to replace it? Atlas Obscura says it’ll be a luxury supermarket.

If I ever get myself to China in the near future, one of the stops I want to make is to¬†Wonderland Amusement Park in Chenzhuang Village, Nankou Town, Chanping distrct, China (whew, that was a mouth full). According to this video recorded by Trey Ratcliff, it seems a portion of the abandoned amusement park has […]

Gizmodo posts this video of a mysterious amusement park somewhere in the world (anybody?) with quite possibly the craziest gut-churning maneuvers I’ve ever seen on a non-rollercoaster. The two arms on this ride run independently of each other causing the center “ride” portion to flip, go upside down, and turn vertical.

This is so weird! This clip from TLC’s My Crazy Obsession profiles a couple who are obsessed with Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. They have friends who are obsessed too! And they organize play dates at the family’s amusement park made just for these dolls.

Director Fernando Livschitz made this video called “Inception Park” which transforms the city of Buenos Aires into a giant amusement park. This reminds me of that Barclay ad of the rollercoaster weaving in and out of New York!