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If you know, then you know. And if you know, then you were most likely a fan of Leisure like I was (and still am). I miss occasionally playing with Andrew and the bunch. This video certainly brought me back.

I MUST DO THIS. I LOVE LOBSTER (except that floppy part of meat inside the big claw). Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen follows a diver named Andrew and talks to him about some techniques on catching lobsters while diving in the Santa Monica Bay. Yum!!


You know what’s funny, I forgot that I blogged once about this 3sixteen logo insignia hat, but Andrew definitely remembered and he gifted one to me on Tuesday. Thanks man! And yes, I most certainly am still in love with this 3sixteen insignia.


I’m helping Andrew out at 3sixteen every Tuesday until he gets mad at me and tells me to leave. This should be fun and exciting.