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A real phobia, apparently. I don’t understand some people… Also, if you’re scared of puppies, you should not get a tatto on your face.

Dogs 101: Labrador from Jordy on Vimeo. Here’s a segment from Animal Planet about Labrador Retrievers. Watching this video makes me never want to have any other breed of dog except Labradors and I’m glad Joey is a Labrador. Thanks for the video, Simon!


I wrote yesterday about how I thought the Animal Planet documentary, A Lion Called Christian, was pretty good and how I wished that somebody would upload a torrent so I could download the episode and keep it. Well, it turns out that the documentary was already available as a torrent, but under a different name. […]


Animal Planet debuted “A Lion Called Christian” yesterday, a TV show about the famous lion named Christian who was released into Africa’s wilderness only to fully embrace his former owners a year later. I watched it and it’s actually a pretty good view into the life of the lion and the remarkable story that became […]