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Two things: First, Disney runs a fantastic blog called Oh My Disney about all things Disney. In short, this blog is RAD! Second, they made a post entire consisting of animated GIFs of scenes from the award-winning short Paperman. If you couldn’t tell by my Twitter feed, Paperman has become my all-time favorite short as […]


This is actually sort of hilarious. A company I used to work for did exactly what PHHHOTO is doing by creating these animated GIFs Photo Booths. The only difference is that PHHHOTO does it much better than we ever could have. So if you’re looking for a unique option for your next event that doesn’t […]


Today and Tomorrow¬†posted a link to Kim Asendorf’s¬†website where she shares a number of mesmerizing rainbow animated gifs that can be enjoyed at fullscreen!

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So beautiful. No wonder mr.div is one of the most followed Tumblr’s on Earth.