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I’m just going to go ahead and copy and paste the video description here: The work is composed by 1629 earphones embedded in a 180 cm diameter wooden parabolic antenna and 24 electronic boards that distribute sound from a mp3 player to each earphone. The parabolic geometry allows for all the sound sources to coincide […]


Love In-N-Out and want to show everybody on the road? Get this In-N-Out antenna ball topper for just $5.99.

A microwave antenna at Bear Creek was found to hold about 300 pounds of acorns no thanks to at least one woodpecker who used it as a storage unit. Now that woodpecker has to start all over. Thanks Ale!

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I want a personal tour of Apple’s antenna design and test labs. This looks like a great place to run around and play hide and seek! Who knew that Apple had these incredible design and testing labs on their campus. Neat! If the video below gets taken down, you can watch it on the Apple […]