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Internet-famous people all getting together to LEFT SWIPE people who are smoking…on Tinder?

Debi Austin for California Anti-Smoking (2011)

One of the last PSAs that Debi Austin did for the state of California.

Gothamist posted these graphic anti-smoking PSA’s from the CDC last week. I hope they do their intended jobs and get more people to quit. If you’re a smoker, do you want to live a life where this could very well be your future?

Smoking ages you by up to 19 years. Quit smoking today before you are wrinkly at 40. This ad was made by Hungry Man UK.

Smokers will obviously look away from this, which is a big problem since they are the ones who need to hear this most. As gross as this is, this is exactly what the US needs. This needs to be playing in front of every single art school on the planet. Australia’s got it right, the […]