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VICE: Shoenice22 Will Eat Anything for Fame

In continuing with the notion that VICE is doing a lot of truly original reporting these days, here’s a video they produced about YouTube viral sensation Shoenice22, otherwise known as Christopher Schewe. Christopher has become famous on YouTube for doing stunts involving eating non-edible objects. Some of these things aren’t too hazardous, they’re just not […]

Heh, take an industrial shredder video, play it backwards, and it looks like it’s creating instead of destroying.


I’m wearing a cheese pizza slice T-shirt from aNYthing.

Absolutely! I agree! Perfectly stated! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Wonderful!!

I thought I had posted videos of another industrial shredder doing it’s thing, but I can’t find the post anywhere on the site. So until I get around to posting those videos, here’s an industrial shredder that will eat anything. Looks like it’s made for drainage systems due to its shape. UPDATE: I was right. […]